Ginger-Lemon Water. So refreshing!

A great virtually calorie-free refresher. Alkalizing to boot.

Ginger-Lemon Water


  • 1-2″ knob of fresh ginger
  • juice of 4-8 fresh lemons
  • optional: 30 drops liquid stevia (or your natural sweetener of choice)


  • Into a large (1qt) container, juice lemons. If I have plenty of lemons I use this Lemon Squeezer (it’s not very efficient). Or, if I need every drop or want lots of yummy pulp, I use a good old fashioned Wooden Citrus Reamer, in which case I juice through a strainer to catch the seeds or fish them out when I’m done juicing with a spoon. Or I just say screw it and leave the seeds in there.
  • Peel and thinly slice the ginger. For a stronger ginger flavor, grate it. Peeling ginger tip: use the back of a spoon.
  • Add plenty of ice and water to fill container, adding 25-30 drops of Liquid Stevita Stevia if you want more lemonade than lemon water. If using powdered stevia you’ll need to dissolve the powder in a small amount of hot water as stevia powder does not easily dissolve into cold liquids. Naturally you can substitute with your natural sweetener of choice or leave the sweetener out altogether.

Serve over ice. Extra nice with a slice of lemon. I hope you enjoy. This is a staple around our house. Particularly in summer.