Real Food Smoothie

Smoothies are a staple around here. They’re convenient, they taste good and they’re healthy. Well, mine are healthy. I’ve seen smoothie recipes which include sneaky sources of sugar and fake food like flavored yogurt, fruit juice, flavored milk substitutes (I know, vanilla soy milk sounds healthy, but read those labels!), and soy protein isolate powders. No thank you.

My recipe is full of real raw food and delivers tons of nutrition. All these ingredients are readily available organic.

Blend until smooth in a good quality blender (if you want to go top of the line get a VitaMix, but Oster makes a perfectly good blender for a fraction of the price):

  • A big handful or two of raw baby spinach and/or kale. If you’re new to adding green stuff to your smoothies, start with a little spinach. Trust me, you won’t taste it. As your palate gets used to it, you’ll be able to add more without tasting it. Once you’re ready for a bit of green-ness, graduate to adding some kale (remove tough ribs and the center stalk first)
  • 1/2  to 1 cups of full-fat plain yogurt. You didn’t read that wrong. FULL FAT yogurt. Fat is not the enemy, it’s necessary in your diet. I really like Straus Family organic European style yogurt which has no stabilizers or additives. Their Greek yogurt is ridiculously good (OMG!), but its glorious thickness is wasted in a smoothie, European style is just fine. Beware of flavored yogurts. They are almost always hiding added sugar! This has enough sweetness from the fruit, go with plain.
  • 1 orange or 2 clementine tangerines. Using the whole fruit adds fiber and keeps the sugar content down.
  • 1 organic egg, raw. Yes. Raw. Whole egg.  The poor egg yolk, it gets such a bad rap, but that’s another post.
  • water as needed by your blender.
  • 1 tsp Carlson’s Lemon Flavored Fish Oil or Cod Liver Oil. Fish oil has no vitamin D while cod liver oil does. So I use fish oil in the summer and cod liver oil in the winter. Carlson’s comes in a bottle so there are no capsules to break. I also find the oil from the bottle doesn’t make me burp the way capsules do. And no, it does NOT taste like fish! It has a clean lightly lemony flavor.
  • optional: 1-2T psyllium husk powder for added fiber. I emphasis powder because most psyllium is sold in whole husk form, which is also great for adding insoluble fiber to your diet, but the powder blends better with liquid – not as grainy as the whole husk. If using whole husks use 2-3T.
  • 2 cups of organic frozen fruit of your choice: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, mangoes. Blueberries aren’t just a super fruit, they make it a nice purple color. Without a dark berry it can look a little gray because of the spinach – it’ll still taste great but might not look very appetizing.. Mangoes are great to add with any berry mixture. A few raspberries are nice, too many gets too tart for my taste. Experiment!
  • 1-2 frozen bananas. I always have frozen bananas on hand – just tear ripe bananas into chunks and throw in a freezer bag. Frozen bananas are the secret to a milkshake texture.
  • Water as needed to keep things moving.


  • Green stuff at the base – spinach or kale. Then the yogurt, egg, fish oil, orange, psyllium and 1-2 cups of water. Pulverize until no bits of spinach or kale remain, but you have a beautiful green liquid ready to take on the frozen ingredients.
  • Add frozen ingredients slowly, adding water as needed to keep your blender cranking.

This makes a huge batch. It’s a meal for two.